The organic oil comes from the collection and cold production of the olives harvested within 24 hous from the 3500 olive trees of the farm.

La nostra forza parte dal territorio

Our strength starts from the land

The hills of the Maremma in Tuscany, in the middle of the mediterranean sea, with its uncontaminated lands allow us to produce high quality oil.

Biologico Certificato

Certified Organic

We prefer the quality over quantity. We pick the olives when they are still green and oil yiels is very low so we can guarantee an high percentege of polyphenols and strong organoleptic properties.

Non solo buono

Not only good

Not only good and organic, olive oil plyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids fro oxidative stress.

Raccolta e lavorazione

Harvest and processing

From the harvest of the fruit to the rigorously cold extraction of the oil, spend less than 24 hours to guarantee genuineness and quality.

In Maremma Tuscany, Aroldo Bio quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Producer: Azienda Agricola Casa Olivo
Production area: Campagnatico Loc. Fabbrucci
Altitude: 235 metri
Method: Biologico Certificato
Olive tree variety: Leccino 70%, Frantoio 20%, Moraiolo 10%.
Harvest: Mechanics with electric comb
Processing: Cold pressing
Yield: 15%
Degree of acidity: 0,20
Gastronomy: For seasoning raw soups or spelled soups, for succulent grilled meats, to turn even a simple slice of bread into a splendid dish.
Organoleptic Characteristics: Bright color, combination of light and leaf. Very intense, fruity and persistent aromas. Fine, clear and pleasantly spicy flavor.



Leccino 70%
Frantoio 20%
Moraiolo 10%

27 October 2020
The exceptional characteristics of new EVO oil! Do you really know? 2

The exceptional characteristics of new EVO oil! Do you really know?

The olive harvest is also about to end for this year. Aroldo Bio 2020 EVO oil promises to be of truly excellent quality, while the quantity will be slightly lower than last year.
9 October 2020
Choose an extra virgin olive oil 4

Choose an extra virgin olive oil

Knowing how to choose an oil means knowing the processes that lead to its creation. The quality of an oil depends on numerous factors: the variety of olives grown; the degree of ripeness of the olives themselves at the time of harvest...
2 July 2020
Premio d'argento per l'olio di oliva Aroldo Bio al London IOOC 2020

Silver award for Aroldo Bio oil at London IOOC 2020

Aroldo Bio, Silver award at the LONDON International Olive Oil Competition 2020 among 650 labels in competition from 25 countries of the world!