In Maremma Tuscany, Aroldo Bio quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


A story that tells of a passion that comes from afar...

The story begins at the end of 1800 when our great great grandfather chose the Maremma to buy land around Campagnatico. The great grandfather Aroldo made the lands grow by increasing the olive trees and opening the mill in the country. In the following years also the grandfather Alberto collaborates in the growth of companies even if in a period when there was no global trade and the difficulties of making the product known from a small town in the wild Maremma were so many The company overcomes difficult moments like the great cold of the 1985 when the temperature arrived -23 Celsius and the 90% of the plants died. It was time to leave again and slowly Giovanni, our father, decided to repulse the pants much loved by the grandparents. The olive is a plant that accompanies the generations and goes beyond them in the memory but needs love, attention and time, at least 10 15 years before going into production and 20 to be adult. We have arrived today: Giovanni, our father and we, Franesco and Gianluca, carry on with passion the project to introduce this magnificent and unique product of our land.
3 March 2020
Valutazione organolettica dell'olio evo

Organoleptic evaluation of EVO oil Aroldo Bio

Olive cultivation and oil production have always been in the DNA of our country. Despite this, the concept of quality of this product until recently was not yet very clear and the organoleptic analysis aimed at describing the oil somehow went into the background.
6 January 2020
Olio Extra Vergine Oliva Aroldo

Filtered or unfiltered EVO oil?

Should extra virgin olive oil be filtered? For many years now, this theme has divided oils EVO lovers. More and more often we notice "unfiltered" EVO oils, oils that surely convey a greater idea (stereotyped) of naturalness and craftsmanship. So what to choose? Filtered or unfiltered oil?
1 January 2020
Come leggere l'etichetta dell'olio extra vergine di oliva

Can you read the label?

Today more than yesterday everything is within everyone's reach. Food is readily available and the consumer is faced with a vast choice of products, how to choose the best one? One of the first things to be able to do is knowing how to read the label correctly, especially when it comes to extra virgin olive oil. Only then will you have a tool to make the right choice.